Onnochitra is a non-governmental development organization which is working for developing humanitarian values for the oppressed, neglected or dalit, underprivileged people. This organization is working for humanity and it will try to change the picture of the current society and try to see a different picture from the existing situation. Onnochitra is name which meaning is ‘different scenario ‘. It likes to make dream among the underprivileged people and work as change maker. Onnochitra develops the sense of human life, motivate the young generations and women society.

Onnochitra Development Organization – a social initiative in support of change. It is a development organization which set up under the initiative of the residents of different areas of Mymensingh district, which is in line with the task of working for the development of socio-economic life. Its official journey started in 2017. With countless dreams the organization is slowly moving on the path of light.