Most people in Bangladesh have limited access to either the formal or the informal justice system. This lack of access has particularly adverse effects for women, children and the marginalised, who face socioeconomic and cultural discrimination as well as exclusion, and have minimal avenues to voice their problems and seek redress. Onnochitra legal aid team seeks to reach out to this section of society, raising their awareness and understanding of available rights, remedies and services, and seeking to ensure greater responsiveness to their needs from within the justice system.

Onnochitra’s core activities focuses on legal aid (advice, referral, mediation, litigation and community awareness) for the poor and those who are marginalized, related research, advocacy (including public interest litigation) and communications to address discriminatory and arbitrary laws. We also undertake capacity building and training for key actors in the justice system.

Mainly we are focussing on govt. legal aid act 2000 and provide support through govt. legal aid. Onnochitra is trying to activate local level legal aid committee by which service delivery will be ensured.

Legal aid is one of significant need of our society but the lack of awareness can make obstacle to reach in the gate of justice system. In this scenario Onnochitra can play a vital role for the improvement of access to justice system.