It is my great pleasure to announce that Onnchitra team has given honor to me by selected myself as “Honorary Executive Director”. Onnochitra starts its official website to show its works towards the society among the country and the world. It is a milestone to share its successes, challenges and learnings and also created opportunity for all to develop partnership among like-minded organizations to serve the society together.

Onnohitra is a bengali word which perfections in change making. Developing different scenario is called Onnochitra.

Onnochitra works with the people those are deprived, underprivileged and not valued enough by the society as human-being such as marginal peoples and minority people. Mainly Onnochitra wants to change in behavior of youths and women. Creating entrepreneurs is one of the significant mission of Onnochitra. Onnochitra believes positive mind can ensure positive change. So developing positivity is one of the mission of Onnochitra also. Onnochitra creates opportunity for youths and women of getting skill development training and entrepreneurship training so that they can use their talents to be self-reliant in terms of making a good decision for themselves as well as for developing their career.

Onnochitra respects people’s potentiality and believes they have the enough ability to bring significant changes in their lives through building capacity.

We offer heartiest thanks to our respective well wishers, donors and dedicated team members whose financial and technical supports make Onnochitra able to continue their services towards society as positive change maker.

We also highly thankful to the Government’s administration for their continue supports and contribution to the program that help developing strong partnership between government’s facilities and social institutions for the well being of deprived generations.

Best wishes for the people of Bangladesh, for the people of this earth.

Best regards

Rebeka Sultana
Honorary Executive Director
Onnochitra Bangladesh