I am really happy for that Onnochitra team takes on time step to publish their website for the organization that is a great arrangement to present ONNOCHITRA and its successes all over the world.

Onnochitra has an unique significance for its sustainable and positive change making in social development which makes this organization a special which contributes to increase human dignity and reduce discrimination of all forms between men and women, boys and girls, rich and poor, majority and minority.

Through Onnochitra development approach, targeted population earns skills and capacities about how to develop lifestyle as well as establishing rights, peace and justice.

Onnochitra management team consists of skilled and experienced personnel who are managing and developing its activities effectively and efficiently. There are so many stories of changes in the community where Onnochitra works. Onnochitra says we are the organization of positive changing through social initiative. Many community people specially youths and women are bringing significant changes in their lives being a part of Onnochitra through attending life-skill training, social, economic and health education as well as working together in development and health groups. Onnochitra believes and practices self-help promotion approach in society development.

Onnochitra works in rural level and creating awareness among the unaware society like as parents for sending their children to school, taking special care of pregnant women and children in sick, male and female respect each other, reduced child marriage and polygamy, take care of pregnant mothers, delivery occurred by skilled birth attendant, developing income generating projects, creating job opportunity for family and community people. Onnochitra has expertise in providing legal aid to poor.

Onnochitra highly emphasis on entrepreneurship development and reducing unemployment from society.

I wish Onnochitra will run with a successful journey in development field and putting significant contribution in the change making field.

Best wishes for the people of Bangladesh.

Professor (Retd.) Kazi M.A. Monayem
Onnochitra Bangladesh