We want those who dream of social change, thinkers, development, dreams, stories of possibilities to be by their side

Onnokothon a web portal where documentaries, organizational activities and research articles can be published. It is a publication of Onnochitra Unnayan Sangshta Development Organization in the belief of changing the society. Soon onnokothon publication will be published in the paper. So those who are well thought out, those who dream of social change, those who love people, those who believe that life can be arranged in the ink of a pen, we want a different family by their side.

You can send us the full text, we will publish it. Those who are interested in joining the non-speaking family on a regular basis should send a CV and start sending regular texts.

In universities we want our representatives who will regularly send documentaries and write stories of development, dreams, possibilities we want by their side.

Onnokothon there is a regular expectation that your pen will be published.


(Imon Sarkar)
Editor and publisher
Onnokothon, 13/KA, Gulkibari, Mymensingh, Mymensingh -2200.
E-mail: [email protected], Web: www.onnokothon.com


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