Objectives of Onnochitra :

# Encouraging and organizing the target-people for socioeconomic development;

# Eradicating malnutrition through making consciousness and providing healthcare;

# Eradicating illiteracy, reducing poverty and eradicating abuse of children.

# Providing technical and financial services for sanitation and safe drinking water;

# Ensuring empowerment and encouraging women to prevent repression, dowry, . irrational divorce and polygamy;

# Implementing benevolent activities to stop early marriage, juvenile delinquencies and antisocial activities;

# Rehabilitating orphans, elderly and destitute people and uprooting beggary;

# Establishing human rights, child rights, women rights.

# Reducing abuse of internet and making awareness on cyber crime for ensuring cyber safety.

# Making schools child-friendly, establishing child rights and arranging education for poor meritorious students;

# Budding up capacities of men and women, irrespective gender, for self-employment and wage-employment;

# Conserving environment, employing eco-friendly activities and conducting relief and rehabilitation activities during the disasters; and

# Establishing school, college, cultural club for ensuring quality education and developing cultural sense towards the marginal community.